Rally Challenge

Keep up the rally for as long as possible before scoring.

Disc Block Bash

Break the layers of blocks. The more you break the better your score.


Enjoy 6 minigames with 8 levels each. Can you top the ranking chart in all?

Local Play

Challenge your friends locally and see who's the best.


Get your first steps on the road to mastering the game.

Run and Collect

Collect fruit while avoiding the discs that are being hurled your way.


Europe/Australia: 28th July 2016

US/Canada: 18th August 2016

Single Player

Different Stages

Changing surface, score layout and addition of obstacles will change the way you play.


There are 4 increasingly difficult cups for you to try and win.


Challenge all comers online and show off your skills.


Version 1.10


Play against other players you encounter. 

Power Disc Slam is Chequered Cow Games' first title and it's only coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

Power Disc Slam is no simple park throw about with your dog. It's an intense arcade sports game pitting you against the best. Choose your favourite character and take to the court to show off your skills. Learn to slide, spin and trick your opponent.

Watch out for Cooper's fearsome power, Mariana's speed, Henrik's long reach and Adeline's trickery! Be alert as each surface plays differently and the scoring layouts change.

When you are ready challenge your friends with Local Play, or connect to the internet and play matches against players from around the world.

Can you become a Power Disc Slam master?

Choose your character 

There are 8 different characters with different skills to choose. Will you go for fast, wily or powerful?

Update changes 

Various changes have been made to improve the title and help more people enjoy the game.


Try and beat as many opponents as you can. Can you do better than your friends?

Score Challenge

Throw your disc against and past obstacles to rack up a high score.



Moving Targets

Hit the targets as they pop out of the court. The more you hit the higher your score.

Avoid and Score

Catch discs and hit the targets while avoiding other discs coming at you.

Fast paced fun

Enjoy high speed 60 fps fun in both 3d and 2d

Free Play

Play a one off match set up just how you want.

Meet the Characters


Take on each challenger in turn only to show you are the best.