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Europe/Australia: TBA

US/Canada: TBA

NB. Shots from work in progress version


Custom rules

Set up the game just the way you want!

Pass the 3DS

Play multiplayer with only 1 3DS!

Single Player

Local Play

Challenge your friends locally and see who's the best.

Take your Mii on a journey

Select your Mii and improve your stats as you play

And more!!


Challenge all comers online and show off your skills.



There are 4 increasingly difficult cups for you to try and win.


Take on a succession of challengers and prove you're the best

Power Pool Slam is Chequered Cow Games' second title and it's coming only to the Nintendo 3DS!

Make your Mii a pool master and battle your friends locally and online.

Play a selection of pool variants and snooker in both normal and arcade styles. Arcade loosens up the rules and adds a selection of power ups to keep you on your toes.

Increase your Mii's stats through play to enhance your chances to make it to the top.

You can play using a variety of control methods, including touch and analog approaches. Play the game from a variety of viewpoints including first person, third person and overhead.

Among the features are:

  • Extensive single player modes
  • Variety of control modes
  • Minigames with rankings
  • Online/local and pass the device multiplayer
  • US & UK 8 ball, 9 Ball and snooker
  • Normal and arcade styles of play

NB. Game is still under development. So some features are not final and may change.

Different games

Choose between US & UK 8 Ball, 9 Ball and snooker


Enjoy various minigames. Can you top the ranking chart in all?


Free Play

Play a one off match in the game of your choice